Name:                René Schmidt

Discipline:          Downhill

Born:                  March 30th 984

Residence:         Lörrach, Germany

Size:                  164 cm

Weight:             64 kg

Idols:                 Walter Röhrl

Sponsors:          GT, Zimtstern, Tune, Adidas Eyewear,

                          Skins, Trickstuff, Five Ten

Bike:                 GT Fury WorldCup Carbon Gr. S 2013

Goals:               being one of top 5 German riders

How did you become a bike rider?        

I grew up in a small German village with 69 inhabitants in the Thuringian Forest. To see something else than this village the best idea was to begin with any sports. The village is located between beautiful forests where you can have a lot of fun. For me it was mountain biking which fascinated me and became my passion. I am riding bikes since I was able to walk. I am biking with heart and soul.

How did you become aware of Trickstuff?

I was always interested in the work of local companies. The Cleg is not only very pretty but also without any failures. For me as a racer it is very important that you can trust the material of your brake.

Why the Cleg?

She is snappy, good to dose and fits perfect in your fingers.

Races/ Contests 2013:

-17.05. – 20.05. iXS German Downhill Cup #1 Winterberg

-01.06. – 02.06. iXS German Downhill Cup #2 Steinach am Brenner

-22.06. – 23.06. iXS European Downhill Cup #1 Leogang, AUT

-13.07. – 14.07. iXS European Downhill Cup #3 Pila, ITA

-20.07. – 21.07. Deutsche Downhill Meisterschaft Bad Wildbad

-10.08. – 11.08. iXS German Downhill Cup #4 Ilmenau

-17.08. – 18.08. iXS European Downhill Cup #4 Wiriehorn, SUI

-26.08. – 01.09. Weltmeisterschaft Downhill Pietermaritzburg, RSA

-07.09. – 08.09. iXS European Downhill Cup #5 Châtel, FRA

-21.09. – 22.09. UCI MTB Worldcup DH #7 Leogang, AUT

-28.09. – 29.09. iXS European Downhill Cup #6 Maribor, SLO

-05.10. – 06.10. iXS Swiss Downhill Cup Bellwald


5. Platz German IXS Cup Bad Wildbad ELITE 2012

7. Platz Deutsche Meisterschaft ELITE 2011

5. Platz Deutsche Meisterschaft ELITE 2010

Nominierung Europameisterschaft Norwegen 2010

Nominierung Weltmeisterschaft USA 2010

8. Platz Deutsche Meisterschaft ELITE 2009

9. Platz Quali Europacup Finale Bischofsmais 2009

1. Platz Superhill Rederberch 2008

3. Platz Quali European IXS Cup Ilmenau ELITE 2008

6. Platz Finale European IXS Cup Ilmenau ELITE 2008

8. Platz Quali Wiriehorn IXS Swiss Cup ELITE 2008

6. Platz Quali 4x Rennen Riva del Garda/Italien 2006

6. Platz Finale Ilmenau IXS-Cup ELITE 2006

3. Platz Quali Steinach IXS-Cup ELITE 2006

3. Platz Thüringer Meisterschaft ELITE 2006

8. Platz Solling Bundesliga ELITE 2005

Dritt bester Deutscher WorldCup Schladming 2004

12. Platz Deutsche Meisterschaft ELITE 2004

1. Platz Dual-Slalom Rudolstadt 2004

4. Platz Thüringer Meisterschaft Lizenz ELITE 2003

Thüringer Meister Lizenz Junioren 2002

5. Platz Deutsche Meisterschaft Lizenz Junioren 2002


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