Maris Ornins

Name Maris Ornins

Discipline:Dirt, park, slopestyle, freeride

Age: 21

Residence: Latvia

Size: 1.73

Weight: 64

Idols: Andreu Lacondeguy (bigger is better)

Favorite trick: 360 flatspin in massive air

Sponsors: Dartmoor bikes, famous sas, HZ goggles, Gatveshop,, bike performance, trickstuff, dion sport

Bike: dartmoor two 6 player

Goals: awesome video edits and some competition result.

How did you become a bike rider?

It started before 9years when good friend of mine gave me his bike (bmx) and i started riding and i had so much fun and just week after that i got my bike. It was so cool and i progressed in every day. Now i am so happy that i am bike rider.

How did you become aware of Trickstuff?

I think i have my own opinion of riding and stuff like that.

Why the Trixer?

I used to ride brakeless, but than my dirt jumps get much bigger and i understand that i need brakes, for slopestyle and stuff like that, but i hate to ride with cable and i tried to ride with trixer and it was perfect. i don't need to think how many barspins and tailwhips  i can do haha

Races/ Contests 2013: I think a lot in baltic states, but now in plan is 26 TRIX and hopeful much more.

Results:•        1st in Famous MTB night Jam 2013 Latvia

         •        4th in Bike Hall Contest  2012, Chech republic

         •        1st in Karramba Palanga 2012, Lithuannia

         •        2nd in Zvera Festivāls 2012, Lithuannia

         •        1st in Monster Games 2011, Latvia

         •        1st in Karramba Palanga 2011, Lithuannia

         •        1st in Latvian Dirt King 201, Latvia

         •        2nd in Burn Dirtpark opening 2011, Poland


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