Triple-B Tool

Simply a good idea.

A small tool with great effect.

Who hasn’t been there: stowed the wheel with brake rotor stupidly in the car, or ran the brakes really hot – result: the beautiful disc is bent. This is an increasingly common problem, particularly with light-weight discs which are only 1.7 mm thick when new and made up of more holes than metal.

The Triple-B Tool is the ideal repair tool to make bent discs run true again. Child’s play.

•    a 90-degree fork to true the disc
•    a conical double blade to carefully push back the brake pistons
•    a bottle opener

Made of four millimeter stainless steel. Conceived and made in Deutschland, of course.


Attention: In October 2014 the Triple-B-Tool design has been updated - all functions are now integrated into one item. Thus the price could be reduced and the convenience is improved. Hurra!

Price Triple-B-Tool: 19,90 Euro

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Mounting Tool for Shock Bushings


Pressing out and in of damper bushings and sleeves is a difficult procedure requiring special tools if you want to avoid scratches and dents on shock and bushing.


Our „Presswurst“ tool does this job with ease: it presses out and in the mounting sleeves (these are those aluminum sleeves which host the mounting bolt) as well as the bushings (the items which are pressed in the shock)

  • necessary tools: 5 mm Allen key
  • fits all sleeves with outer diameter 12.7mm and ID 8mm, max width 50mm
  • fits all bushings with ID 12.7mm and OD 15mm
    (note: these are the most common dimensions)

Comes with a useful case to host the tool, but also your sleeve and bushing stock.

Price: Euro 29,90 (incl. German VAT). Buy directly from our webshop.

Please find the manual here

The Trickstuff bleedblock

Why use steel?

What is a bleedblock?
A bleedblock is a simple, small cuboid that is put into the lining shaft of the disk brake calliper instead of brake linings when filling or bleeding the brake. This prevents:
1. brake fluid or oil dripping onto the linings while bleeding.
2. high brake fluid pressure pumping the pistons out of the disk brake calliper.

No big deal so far, considering that bleedblocks of this kind are included with every large batch production of brakes. But what's really new is that these things are now made of steel.

Advantages of steel:
Conventional bleedblocks made of plastic are far too soft to tell if the brake has been properly bled and has a perfect pressure point at the end of a bleeding process. Checking it with built-in linings and the disk in place is also not very helpful because linings are amazingly soft and compressible. You can tell if a brake has been fully bled only if the pick-up pistons press directly onto a very hard and level block.

And why do they have to be so ugly?
To make sure they are affordable. The Trickstuff bleedblocks are made from standard construction steel using a laser cutting machine. And that steel is grey and it rusts - but never mind: this is the only way to offer a good price with the small unit quantities we have had made. If our favourably disposed clientele all of a sudden starts ordering that thing in enormous quantities, we'll gladly use stainless steel the next time round and top it with some lovely little Svarovski stones ;-)

The Trickstuff bleedblock is available in two versions:
1. Narrow, for twin-piston brakes like the CLEG2, the Elixir/XX/XO…, the SLX/XT/XTR, the Margura-MT series…
2. Wide, for four-piston brakes like the CLEG4, the Saint, Code, former XT, Hope M4…

The block is about 10 millimetres thick, as thick as two brake pads plus a rotor. Allowing you to watch at the workbench how evenly and how far the pistons travel out in the operating state.

Amazing, isn't it, how much can be written about such a small and inconspicuous thing. Even more amazing is the fact that something like that has not been available before. Once you've tried it out, you'll DEFINITELY never want to bleed your brakes in any other way. An absolute must-have for professionals.


Bleedblock large for four-piston brakes:  6,50 Euro
Bleedblock narrow for two-piston brakes:  6,50 Euro

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Small but useful


Another unimpressing, but practical small tool for the professional workshop. CNC’d from domestic beech wood.


Long and powerful enough to push back even fractious pistons. But gentle enough to delicate phenolic or ceramic pistons. Saves time and nerves. Good value, high benefit in the pro workshop and at home. 


Price: 3,90 Euro


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