Tr!xer and Dirtcap

The world`s first.

It's "bar-spin" time. Now you can spin your handlebars 360 degrees in spite of hydraulic brakes. Or should that be 720 degrees? No problem with the Tr!xer hydraulic rotor, which sits like a spacer between the upper part of the headset and the stem, making the way free for endless bar spins.

Invented by Trickstuff , Tr!xer is protected by patent. Cheap copies are illegal but don’t worry us, because none of them work even remotely as smoothly and well as our original. Invented in Freiburg, CNC’d in the Black Forest, assembled and cherished in Freiburg.

There’s good reason why the best in the world like Marius Hoppensack, Hendrik Tafel, Martin Söderström, Sam Pilgrim, Yannik Granieri and Lance Mc Dermott use the thing every day.

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Available in DOT and mineral oil versions. Please specify when ordering!

Technical data:

Component height:  23.2 mm  
Weight without connections:  83 g  
Connections top and bottom:  M6x1  

Comes without Goodridge Connection Kit (1 Goodridge Fitting M6x1 straight, 1 Goodridge Banjo Fitting with M6x1 banjo bolt) to fit with hydraulic hoses with OD 5,6 to 5,8mm, ID 2,0 to 2,5mm.
The Connection Kit is available separately.


Trixer for oil:   165,- Euro
Trixer for DOT.  165,- Euro

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Wherever Tr!xer is, then DirtCap isn’t far away. It goes with Tr!xer, just like ketchup with chips. Tr!xer takes care of brake cables for the rear wheel, whilst DirtCap deals with the ones for the front wheel. Simply thread the cables through the DirtCap and the fork shaft – then the way’s free to the front brake calipers.

Price: 16,- Euro

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