No more smashed top tubes.

Yet another brilliant idea only available from Trickstuff and nowhere else.

If you’ve ever smashed the handlebars into the top tube  in a fall, you’ll know what shattering carbon sounds – and feels – like. So it’s far better if it never even comes to that.

Tricksatz has been developed for CC and marathon bikes and for modern road racing bikes too. It protects the top tube from unpleasant and damaging blows from the handlebars or the brake levers and therefore saves you a lot of hard-earned cash.
The fully-housed bearings are top quality (Made in Germany of course!) and incredibly water-tight, as the specialist press report.

That’s also the opinion of the Racing Students, one of Germany’s most successful amateur road teams, who are able to ride their carbon frames much longer than previously thanks to Tricksatz.

Price Tricksatz standard-ahead: 129,- Euro

Martin Lang, Team Racing Students,
with his Centurion full carbon race bike and Trickstuff Tricksatz

Technical Data

Weight  / Height:
Ahead-Tricksatz:    99g / 36mm
Semi integrated Tricksatz:    116g / 26mm

ATTENTION: Max. torque of lockscrew: 1Nm

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