The first, the true CLEG. Now fully overhauled. More than just a facelift. More than just a new screw here and new paint there.

Everything in flux

Anyone with knowledge of high-end components knows: CLEG is an institution. No other brake has been produced in such small batches, no other brakes have been showered in reports of amazing brake performance, stability and modulation. Why change a winner?

Although no one wanted to believe it: CLEG was always lighter than all the direct competitors. But we believed that even lighter would be even better.

Right from the start the CLEG had a super-clean, hard pressure point. That definitely had to be kept – but with improved reliability.

CLEG´s highly technical appearance had always fascinated. Now it’s even slimmer and more elegant.

Really light.

Although no one wanted to believe it: CLEG was always lighter than the main competitors. But we believed that even lighter would be even better. So we shaved another five grams.

Extremely stiff

It’s incredible that the stiffness of the brake caliper could still be increased even further.


  • Four-piston brakes with automatic pad adjustment
  • Two-part, extremely stiff bolted caliper halfes, CNC-machined from alloy 7075 T6
  • Extremely simple, idiot-proof bleeding
  • Top loading pads
  • Pads with Shimano profile (guaranteed replacement parts available anywhere in the world)
  • Ergonomically perfect brake lever with lever distance adjustment by 2 mm Allen key
  • Best heat resistance with DOT 5.1 brake fluid
  • Postmount fitting. Slim, light but sturdy postmount arms with extended adjustment range
  • Low hand force through high ratio, low-friction BMC piston and precise manufacture
  • High pressure-resistant Kevlar hoses, black, standard lengths front 85 cm, rear 150 cm, available cut to length as required, with pump-side bolted reusable Goodridge fitting


  • High pressure-resistant Goodridge steel hose to further improve pressure point
  • Extremely heat-resistant, pressure-resistant, low viscosity “Superformula” brake fluid

Anodizing finish: silver, black, red, blue, green, gold, orange, brown, pink, brown

Important notice:

We cannot guarantee for matching anodizing colors. The color of anodized aluminium parts can vary from batch to batch and from part to part. The color intensity of anodized aluminium can fade away by time. Color issues do not cause warranty claims.



Technical data:

Total weight CLEG 4 Mk III PM
(new comparison standard: Cables 80 cm, fully bled, without disc, without bolts, without adapter)
245 g
Weight brake caliper without cables, without pads 89,4 g
Weight BMC with long levers 95,8 g
Weight Kevlar-reinforced hoses 30,4 g (75 cm), 45,2 g (145 cm), incl. stainless steel fittings
Weight Goodridge steel hoses 59,5 g (75 cm), 100,1 g (145 cm), incl. stainless steel fittings
Weight rotors see rotor info
Weight adapter see adapter infos
Piston diameter BMC 10 mm
Piston diameter caliper 2x13 mm plus 2x16 mm
Total transmission ratio 54,4 : 1
Brake pad surface 391 mm2/pad
Brake pad weight 22 g/pair (incl. pad retaining bolt)

Download manual here


CLEG 4 in our standard colors black, silver or red:  399,- Euro
CLEG 4 individual (all available colors):  428,- Euro

If you want to buy a CLEG, please order via email to or give us a call
+49 761 70 74 192.

From summer 2013: Differentiated brake levers

Our CLEG users have the choice: Short brake lever? Long lever? Both is possible, every version has its pro’s. But to have the choice is a unique option – to be found at TRICKSTUFF only!

  • The CLEG 2 features the compact lever with 77 mm length, as standard.
  • The CLEG 4 features the ergonomic lever with 99 mm length, as standard.



Brake lever compact and ergonomic, black

CLEG 2 or CLEG 4 – which one to choose?

Thus we could tune both brakes to deliver the same brake force under a given hand force. It’s up to you:

You prefer low weight, your cross country handle bar does not offer lots of space, you mount the shifters inside the brake master cylinder, you love to have the best available modulation with a clearly defined pressure point and high performance? CLEG 2!

You accept 15 grams more per brake, your handle bar is wide enough, you mount the shifters outboard, you love to have the hardest bite possible? CLEG 4!



Ergonomic brake lever, div. colours

Both levers, the short and the long ones, offer more and softer contoured finger surface and better power transfer than the CLEG levers of the first and second generation. New: All levers are available with our unique hard anodized finish. This looks extremely sophisticated, is comfortable with your skin and will never wear out.

Brake lever compact and ergonomic with hard anodized finish

Even the CLEG 2 can be equipped with the long levers what increases its brake force by additional 13 percent.

Whatever CLEG you choose – be prepared for superbe modulation, maximum brake force and extreme heat resistance.


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