Hinged, two-piece shift lever bracket.

May 2014

What fits together?

Read here the different possibilities:


Combination 1: Avid, Magura, Formula brake with Shimano or SRAM shifter

Combination 2: Shimano brake with Shimano or SRAM shifter

Identify your I-Spec version:

November 2013:

MATSHI to be combined with XTR and SAINT
brake master cylinder of latest generation
with I-Spec B clamp (model year 2014)

Unfortunately Shimano have designed their latest XTR and SAINT BMCs (XTR Trail BL-M988-B, XTR Race BL-M987 and Saint BL-M820-B) differently from all other BMCs. This causes some specific procedures when mounting MATSHI. Please see our manuals (online from December 4th 2013). But don't worry: Nevertheless MATSHI and XTR/Saint will fit to each other!

October 2013:

Matshi on I-Spec B

Due to many inquiries: MATSHI also fits with the latest Shimano I-Spec B clamps (starting with Shimano model year 2014). You will need our special M5 threaded sleeve plus M3 cross bolt. This sleeve/bolt will be available from October 9th, 2013. They replace the Shimano parts "Bolt(small)" and "Nut", shown in picture Case B.

August 2013:


Braking with Shimano, changing gear with SRAM – and yet save space at the handlebar? Now it can be done.


We've made and discarded no end of prototypes. The outcome was a small, simple and inconspicuous part with an ingenious design, combining the SRAM Trigger gear levers (X7, X9, XO, XX) with all Shimano brake levers with I-Spec clamps* (also with the 2014 range models!).

And that's how it's done: connect MATSHI to the I-Spec clamp, then bolt the SRAM gear lever with MATSHI. Done.


What makes MATSHI so special is that the SRAM gear paddles are positioned with millimetre precision at the same spot as in the assembly using an SRAM clamp. This is crucially important for the good ergonomics of the SRAM gear lever.

Although MATSHI is made of stainless steel, it's as light as a feather: an outrigger weighs as little as 7 grams.


Following the latest trend to 1x11 shifting we also supply the right side MATSHI only.

Price is as low as 29,90 Euro/pair or 19,90 Euro/pc, right side only.

Brained in Freiburg, manufactured in Freiburg.

*: Your Shimano brake is equipped with an I-Spec clamp if the clamp is hingeable. A non-hingeable clamp is not compatible to MATSHI.



Price Matshi Set:   29,90 Euro
Price Matshi for one side:   19,90 Euro


February 2013:

Compatibility Info:


Due to many inquiries let's start our Clapton page with an explanation to which Shimano Trigger fits with which Matchmaker clamp:

Shimano triggers and Matchmaker are only connectable with our Saint/SLX/XT module.

The following triggers can be mounted to your Matchmaker clamp:

-   Saint series SL-M810 (9 speed)

-   SLX series SL-M660 (9 speed)
-   SLX series SL-M660-10R (10 speed)

-   XT series SL-M770 (9 speed)

(top: with gear indicator; bottom: without gear indicator)

-   XT series SL-M770-10 (10 speed)

(pic shows trigger without gear indicator)

Please find the necessary information to all other compatibilities at the bottom of this page.

October 2012:

Attention - now available:


The new, reinforced CLAPTON version

CLAPTON is available in all new Trickstuff colours
(Illus. shows Clapton with XTR-970 bracket)

  • Just quickly change handlebars?
  • Change from SRAM to Shimano shifters (or vice versa)?
  • Experiment with mounting the shifter inside or outside the brake lever?

For years the practical invention of divided BMC clamps has been available, but without exception shifters have always had to be threaded over the end of the handlebars. And as an irritating additional job: carefully removing rubber grips or damaging expensive lightweight grips if they are stuck on.

And anyone who says “but surely you have screw-on grips nowadays”, will have found that the gear cables are often too short (particularly on wide handlebars!) and that you have to dismantle the handlebars or unthread the cables to be able to take off the shifter.

No more! With the Clapton clamp, changing the shifter or handlebars is child’s play.

Trickstuff is the first manufacturer to make universally mounting clamps:
  • hinged
  • fitting SRAM XX, XO and X9
  • super-sophisticated design
  • Brained in Freiburg and CNC-machined from 7075 aluminium
  • Anodised in nine colours: black, silver, red, blue, neon-green, gold, orange, pink, brown
  • lighter than non-hinged clamps but still highly sturdy


Clapton with Shimano, Shimano with Matchmaker

Together with the corresponding mounting adaptors, the Clapton clamp can be combined with Shimano shifters.


The adaptors are available in two versions:

  • for XTR 970 and 980 shifters (fits both!)
  • for Saint, XT and SLX shifters

For mounting Saint, XT or SLX shifters to a Clapton clamp or – GENIUS! – to “Matchmaker” clamps for Avid, Formula, Hope, Magura.

Clapton, Saint/XT/SLX adaptor with SLX shifter (here without gear indicator mounted, picture shows non anodized adaptor prototype)

Clapton, Saint/XT/SLX adaptor on SLX shifter (mounted here with gear indicator, picture shows non anodized adaptor prototype)

Avid Elixir BMC with Matchmaker clamp, Saint/XT/SLX adaptor on SLX shifter - (without gear indicator, picture shows non anodized adaptor prototype)

Technical data:

Clapton body Aluminium 7075 T6, anodized, fits handle bar diameter 22,2mm
Clapton bolt Stainless steel A4 M5x22*
Max. tightening torque with non-greased threads  1.5Nm

Clapton incl. stainless steel bolt 14,0g
XTR adaptor, per pc. 6,8g
Saint/XT/SLX adaptor, per pc. 8,5g
* If wished, a high-strength titanium bolt can be fitted (grease thread of titanium screw with copper paste. Respect max. tightening torque: 1.2Nm!). That saves 5 gram/pair.

Combination options for
Shimano trigger with non-Shimano clamps 
Trickstuff Clapton Avid Matchmaker,
Formula Mixmaster,
 SL-M810 (9-speed) Saint-/SLX-/XT adaptor Saint-/SLX-/XT adaptor
 SL-M820 (10-speed, up summer 2012) XTR adaptor 970/980
only possible with Saint Ispec shifter, not with clamp version
not possible
 SL-M660-10R (10-speed)  Saint-/SLX-/XT adaptor Saint-/SLX-/XT adaptor
 SL-M660 (9-speed) Saint-/SLX-/XT adaptor  Saint-/SLX-/XT adaptor
 SL-M670-10I (I-Spec, 10-speed)  XTR adaptor 970/980  not possible
 SL-M670  not possible  not possible
 SL-M770 (9-speed) Saint-/SLX-/XT adaptor Saint-/SLX-/XT adaptor
 SL-M770-10R (10-speed) Saint-/SLX-/XT adaptor Saint-/SLX-/XT adaptor
 SL-M780-10I (Ispec, 10-speed) XTR adaptor 970/980 not possible
 SL-M780 XTR adaptor970/980
only possible after rebuilding
with Shimano-kit
SL-SM78 (Ispec Bracket)
not possible
 SL-M970 (9-speed) XTR adaptor 970/980 not possible
 SL-M980 (10-speed) XTR adaptor 970/980 not possible
 SL-M980-I (10-speed) XTR adaptor 970/980 not possible

Clapton hingeable shifter clamp:  49,- Euro
Clapton XTR-module:  39,- Euro
Clapton Saint-/XT-/SLX module:  35,- Euro

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