We all know the problem: First there is an annoying defect, then the wheel (mainly the rear wheel) absolutely refuses to be installed. There actually is a reason for that: The rectangular outer edge of the disc rotor clashes with the rectangular lower edge of the brake pads (as shown in the illustration below). The consequence: You start to fumble, causing you to lose time as well as your head.

Father to the thought was the wish that was repeatedly expressed by racers: To get a disc rotor with chamfer – a roof-shaped tapering of the outer profile of the disc rotor. The aim: To be able to install the wheel as fast and as uncomplicated as possible after having repaired the defect.

Thanks to the rounded 60-degree-chamfer on its outer profile, the new TRICKSTUFF DÄCHLE-DISC slides into the narrow 2 mm slot between the two brake pads almost automatically.



Race cyclists might be vexed about seconds lost but hobby cyclists are annoyed by an unnecessarily problematic and inconvenient installation of the wheel much more often. That’s why we developed the TRICKSTUFF DÄCHLE-DISC: For everyone who prefers a fast, simple, and reliable installation.

More information at or +49 (761) 707 41 92


Brained in Freiburg, manufactured near at hand.


Disk Rotors

Disks for heavy duty.

Breaking News: The latest brake test (bike 6/13 - the winner was: Trickstuff CLEG) was mainly won because of the extraordinary powerful and heat resistant Trickstuff rotors.


The best brake rotors Trickstuff ever had on offer:

- Six-bolt and centerlock (with Sternschnuppe) from 140mm to 203mm
- Rohloff from 160mm to 203mm
- Coda from 160mm to 180mm

Trickstuff brake rotors have been the Number One Choice, particularly when it comes to extreme brake strain.

There are disks for all common hole patterns. Based on their exceptional thickness - 2.05mm! - the new 6-hole rotors of sizes 180 and 203 are made to cope with ultimate strain. They bend less, they are less noisy, they absorb more heat without overheating.


6-hole IS
4-hole Coda
4-hole Rohloff
Friction ring width  14mm 15.5mm
17mm 14mm 15.5mm 17mm 14mm 15.5mm
- - - - - - - -
- 108g
124g - - - 112g
new friction ring.
polishing on demand
- 146g - - - 142g
new friction ring.
polishing on demand
- - - - - - - - 193g
discon. polished
- 196g
- - - - - 194g

(All weights  +/- 5%)
"discon. polished": discontinued model, delivery while stock lasts. Polishing without surcharge.
"polishing on demand": surcharge 16,- Euro
Updated November 13th 2013

Why, what for?
The new friction ring with its reworked hole pattern guarantees perfect pad cleaning over the whole width of the pad. As before, our rotors boast more material than what today's fashion has to offer. Most of the heat which braking invariably generates is taken up by the rotor and dissipated to the ambient air. With the extra material, Trickstuff disks ensure trouble and worry-free braking also on long downhill runs and in continuous braking actions and are the ideal additions for all current super-light brake callipers.

Trickstuff guarantees the extremely precise thickness of the disks of plus/minus one hundredth of a millimetre; the final dimension is 1.85 millimetres and as much as 2.05 millimetres for the 180 and 203 millimetre 6-hole rotors.

The material we use is high-grade stainless steel, heat-treated at 1,100 degrees centigrade and with a hardness matching the demanding use. This steel is normally used for making the blades of aircraft turbines and has about 25% more tensile strength than the steel commonly used for brake rotors.

Unfortunately, quality has its price and all these features make these rotors more expensive than the known large series disks. But the investment pays dividends: the disks warp far less under heat exposure, are mechanically extremely stable and have an extraordinarily long service life.

The speciality of our Rohloff and Coda disks: owing to the special hardness and abrasive resistance, the breaking in of the brake system is relatively long. Please allow your Trickstuff Rohloff or Coda brakes at least 1,500 altitude metres until pad and disk are bed in.

Option: High-gloss polished brake disks.

This all-new method never used for brake disks

Pleasant side effect: the visual appearance is stunning.

Mirror-finish rotors (left), normal-finish rotors (right)

As this is no simple coating but a true polish of the bright stainless steel surface, the shiny surface survives for eternity. (In the zone where the brake pad meets the disk, the normal micrograph will develop, naturally).


Now from Trickstuff. And only from Trickstuff. Optional for all Trickstuff rotors (except the latest generation of our 6 hole rotors) for of 16 Euros per disk. 


4-hole Coda pattern  
160, 14 mm friction ring width:  73.50 Euro
180, 14 mm friction ring width:  73.50 Euro
 6-hole pattern  
140, 14 mm friction ring width:  54,90 Euro
160, 15,5 mm friction ring width:  54,90 Euro
180, 15,5 mm friction ring width:  37,90 Euro
203, 15,5 mm friction ring width:  44,90 Euro
 Rohloff pattern  
160, 15,5 mm friction ring width:  75.00 Euro
180, 15,5 mm friction ring width:  75.00 Euro
200, 17 mm friction ring width:  75.00 Euro
203, 17 mm friction ring width:  75.00 Euro




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