The long-awaited mechanical-hydraulic converter has arrived!

Trickstuff brings drop bars and hydraulic disc brakes together

At last it’s possible to combine drop handlebars and brake shift lever with high-performance, weather-proof and finely responsive disc brakes.

-    significantly increased braking power with lower hand pressure
-    considerably finer modulation
-    total independence from weather conditions
-    carbon rims can be used without problems
-    no rim wear, no critical tyre/tube overheating

Doppelmoppel is a mechanical-hydraulic converter which links a mechanical brake lever and hydraulic disc brakes to each other. Suitable brake shift levers are any generation of the Shimano STI (DuraAce, Ultegra, 105…), Campagnolo Ergopower or SRAM (Red, Force, Rival, Apex). Note: The use of the actual Shimano levers (5700, 6700, 7900 series) results in slightly less brake power than with all the other levers (Avid, Campy, former Shimano generations) - but the power still is more than enough!

All current brake calipers with piston diameter of 20.5 mm (e.g. Hope Mono-Mini) Avid, CLEG, Formula or Quad (in general 21 to 23 mm) can be controlled via Doppelmoppel. It is compatible with brake callipers operating with DOT (e.g. Avid, CLEG, Formula, Hayes, actual Hope, Quad). Doppelmoppel is not compatible with mineral oil actuated brake calipers (Magura, Shimano, Tektro) and with Magura HS33 hydraulic rim brakes.

The Bowden cable leading from the brake shift lever operates a hydraulic piston which in turn activates the hydraulic brake caliper. TRICKSTUFF has taken particular care to ensure that the Doppelmoppel incorporates the well-known features of CLEG brakes such as

-    extremely good accessibility of the system
-    and the clear, consistent pressure point.

In Doppelmoppel these objectives have been achieved by:
•    Routing Bowden cables as straight as possible, avoiding unnecessary kinks  
     (the highly flexible Trickstuff Bowden cables made by Nokon are recommended)
•    High-quality piston seals
•    Low-friction bushing of all levers and connectors

The system stands out with extremely compact design and very low weight. It is mounted under the stem by means of an adjustable-angle stainless steel plate (stem length min. 80 mm).

Technical data

(all weights given using top-quality CLEG or Trickstuff components):

1 unit Doppelmoppel casing with all assembly components:  185 g      
  2 unit Kevlar hydraulic hoses:
 60 g  
  2 unit CLEG2 brake caliper complete:
 220 g  
  2 unit Trickstuff brake discs 160/140 mm:
 217 g  
     All mounting bolts:   42 g  
  2 units carbon clincher rims (e.g. the upcoming Trickstuff rims):
700 g
Total    1424 g       

In comparison:

  2 units Dura Ace brake caliper: ca. 290 g

2 units Bowden cables:
 ca. 150 g  
2 units aluminium clincher rims (e.g. Mavic Open Pro):
 ca. 900 g    
Total    1340 g      

In total the extra weight only amounts to 84 grams compared with a conventional brake system, whereby the alternatives have been calculated with reputable, hard-wearing components. A weight-saving of up to 150 grams can be achieved by using light-weight components (in particular light brake discs, which however only have a limited heat-resistance, as well as carbon tubular rims).


Doppelmoppel silver:
 330,- Euro
Doppelmoppel complete set with CLEG 2 brake calipers:
 710,- Euro

With Doppelmoppel on Mont Ventoux at 5 in the morning

Buy a Doppelmoppel here

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