Bleeding made easy.

Trickstuff Universal Bleed Kit HEINZELMANN is an extremely useful tool for repairs and maintenance on your hydraulic brake system. It includes

  • 2 syringes - NEW: Made in Germany Syringes WITHOUT rubber seal. Makes vacuum bleeding easy and safe
  • 2 fast-lock bayonet adaptors made from brass for better locking in the syringe and better connection to the hose
  • 3 hoses
  • 2 clips
  • 4 threaded adaptors with extra sharp toothing and extra slim sleeve to fit even in sunk holes (Avid, Formula)
    - 1 pc M4
    - 2 pcs M5
    - 1 pc M6


With these adaptors your Trickstuff HEInZELMANN fits almost all brakes – whether operated with oil or DOT (Caution: rinse out and dry syringe before filling with a different type of fluid!).


The Trickstuff Bleed Kit is a real bargain. 29,- Euro only!

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BIONOL  by Danico



High End Brake Oil with awesome properties:


  • Biological degradable
  • Boiling point 300°Celsius
  • Maximum pressure resistance
  • Extremely low viscosity
  • Compatible to Shimano and Magura oil


Trickstuff is now offering an innovative brake oil which was developped and is manufactured in Germany. It is made from sunflower oil and features the following characteristics:


None of the common mineral oils has a boiling point as high as BIONOL: 300°C.
BIONOL has an extremely low viscosity and a good viscosity index. This makes it the perfect oil for high performance bicycle brakes used both in cold winters as in hot summers.


BIONOL is made from sunflower oil and is much less environmentally harmful than common mineral oils or than brake fluids according to DOT. It does not attack the frame paint nor the skin. It can be used in all brakes which are designed for mineral oil (Magura, Shimano, Tektro, latest Formula Cura and Hayes…).


DANICO, the BIONOL manucturing company, appointed Trickstuff to be the exclusive distributor and technical advisor of this unique brake oil.


BIONOL complies perfectly with the high challenges in mountain bike braking - no other brake system generates higher brake loads. Bicycle disc rotors and brake pads are extermely small and offer a very low heat capacity increasing the danger of gas bubble generation and of spontanious failure of the brake system.


BIONOL: Not only for racers


The problem of overheated brakes occurs not only in hard marathon brake manouvres but also in alpine touring with heavy luggage and challenging continuous braking on long descents. Every mountain biker will profit from the awsome characteristics of Trickstuff BIONOL.


BIONOL comes in 100ml bottles at Euro8.90 in your local bikeshop or directly from Trickstuff.


BIONOL is not compatible to CLEG and other DOT based brakes. 




Virtually never boils

Exclusively from Trickstuff: Superformula – high-end brake fluid with sensational engineering features

  • Flash point 330 Celsius
  • Maximum pressure resistance
  • Extremely low viscosity
  • Fully compatible with DOT 4 and DOT 5.1*

Braking like Formula One – firm, safe, reliable. That means not only a firm calliper and excellent brake pads, but also a suitable medium to transmit power from the brake lever to the brake calliper without any loss of strength.

FERODO, the world’s leading manufacturer of brake components for racing cars and racing motorbikes, has appointed Trickstuff as their exclusive distributor of the unique “Superformula”  brake fluid, also taking over technical support.

Although originally developed for motor racing, this brake fluid is particularly suitable for use in bikes – hardly any other braking system makes higher demands on brake fluid, since bike brake callipers and bike brake pads are extremely light and therefore have a relatively low heat capacity. This increases the risk of vapour bubbles developing and spontaneous failure.

Superformula: For racing and touring bikers

Overheating brakes is a problem that faces not only marathon bikers with hard braking manoeuvres on long descents, but also tour bikers crossing the Alps with baggage and less experienced bikers notorious for continual braking. Each and every bike sport enthusiast can benefit from the sensational attributes of TRICKSTUFF Superformula:

Superformula is the brake fluid with the highest dry boiling point of all brake fluids: 330 degrees Celsius. No other brake fluid comes anywhere near this level (as a comparison: mineral oil: 180°C, DOT 4: 230°C, DOT 5.1: 260°C).
Superformula has extremely low viscosity and is stable under compression (better results than all other brake fluids). This tangibly reduces the manual force required to achieve a particular braking pressure and improves the modulation of the brake system (smaller hysteresis).
Superformula is compatible to DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 and thus to all hydraulic brakes which are not designed to use mineral oil or DOT 5. Typical mineral oil brakes are: Magura, Shimano, Tektro. Small traces of previous brake fluid do not affect the outstanding qualities of Superformula.

Price: 39,- Euro / 0.5 l bottle

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Even this brake fluid will start boiling. Above 270°C.

Get it at Trickstuff: Ferodo DOT 5.1 – High quality brake fluid with convincing technical data.

  • Dry boiling point 270 °C
  • Superior pressure stability
  • Low viscosity
  • Fully compatible with DOT 4 and Superformula

If you are in search maximum safety choose DOT 5.1 brake fluid made FERODO, by the british brake experts. Superior data, fair pricing, mixable with all common DOT fluids, available in 0.5 liter cans at Trickstuff.


Price: 13,90 Euro / 0.5 Liter bottle

Buy FERODO DOT 5.1 now

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