Brake disc bolts

Ultralight brake disc bolts

With Trickstuff brake disc bolts made of high-strength 7075 T6 aluminium, you can save 17 gram on a bike (compared with conventional M5 x 12steel bolts). With their top quality anodisation, the bolts are practically corrosion-free.

NOTE: these brake disc bolts are a high-end tuning component with limited application:

  • Maximum total system weight (bike/rider/equipment): 95 kilogram
  • Maximum rotor size: 180 mm
  • Not approved for downhill, freeride, Enduro or touring with heavy baggage.
  • In order to increase safety in borderline cases, the disc on the front wheel can be mounted using  3 aluminium bolts and 3 titanium or steel bolts.
  • Exposure to road salt should be avoided!
  • Only use with the appropriate high-quality tools. Torx T20 head!
  • Max. torque: 4 Nm. Calibrated torque wrench to be used. Check torque regularly.
  • Use medium strength Loctite

Technical data:
Al 7075 T6
Dimensions: M5 x 10,5
Eloxadation: black, gold
Weight: 0,79 gram/unit
Tool required:  
Torx T20
Torque: 4 Nm

Preis: 19,90 Euro / 12 brake disc bolts

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Beake disc bolts

Steel brake disc bolts

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