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Dual Eyewear SL in Road Bike 07/2014

DUAL EYEWEAR glasses received three times best scores in the latest Roadbike magazine 07/14, Page 104.  


“Smart solution, perfect fit, effective wind protection.” Trickstuff offers eight different styles for an unbeatable price.

Due to the large demand not every style is permanently available from stock- availability on request.


Read the test here (in german)





Braketest bike 6/2013, page 47 ff


Bestseller and high-end-brakes from all well-known brands




“bike-TIPP” and test result "SUPER" for CLEG4







12 brakes were tested, two of them got the “bike-TIPP” (Trickstuff CLEG 4 and Magura MT4).



Main reason for this award

Only those two brakes passed the test in brake durability without any damage, even under highest loads.

All other tested brakes suffered from extensive heat problems of the discs (twisted rotors), fading, broken or bent brake pads and under unequal pad adjustment.


Result: Test win for CLEG4




In detail


Reliability: No other brake got so littlecomments in the test asthe CLEG4. According to the editors, the CLEG4 just worked. And worked. And worked.


Modulation: The modulation of a brake can be illustrated in a hysteresis-graph. The sleeker the hysteresis, the more sensitive the modulation will be. CLEG: top position together with Formula, Hayes and Magura.

Lever position and free stroke: CLEG is adjustable also for small female hands and has, in common with the Shimano XT, the shortest free stroke.

Brake power: CLEG4: 500 Newton (Magura MT4: 450 N)

Mistake in the bike-test article: The weight of the CLEG4 with a 180mm disc is only 440g, not 479g. By use of a good and light 180mm disc (e.g. Magura Storm SL) the CLEG4 can be tuned up to under 400g. In this case the CLEG4 would be in the weight-ranking on top as well. Indeed, the heat resistance wouldn’t be that outstanding anymore.







Testbericht: Doppelmoppel als Sahnehäubchen

Trekkingbike 02/13

Trekkingbike findet, dass unsere Cleg dank des Doppelmoppels perfekt an das X-Over Bike von unseren Freunden Tout-Terrain aus der Freiburger Nachbarschaft passt.

Es freut uns besonders, das "Sahnehäubchen" auf diesem tollen Cross-Bike zu sein.

Ebenso freut es uns riesig, im Vergleich zur konkurrierenden Bremsanlage als eindeutig besser beurteilt zu werden.

Lesen Sie selbst: Hier die beiden Testurteile aus der Trekkingbike 02/13

Doppelmoppel am X-Over Bike

Test von Konkurrenzprodukt

Trickstuff-Scheibenbremsbeläge: Bestes Urteil in bike 4/12

Nach wie vor findet Europas größte Mountainbike-Zeitschrift bike, dass Trickstuff NG-Beläge die besten sind. In der bike 4/2012 sind unsere NGs die einzigen, die die begehrte Note SUPER erhalten. Das freut uns sehr und ist uns gleichzeitig Verpflichtung, auf diesem extrem hohen Niveau weiterzumachen. Prost auf eine erlebnisreiche und unfallfreie Bike-Saison 2012!
Lesen Sie hier den vollständigen Bericht.

Lesen Sie auch zur Haftungsproblematik bei Verwendung von Fremdanbieter-Belägen hier unsere Stellungnahme.

Doppelmoppel in tests at


Doppelmoppel in tests at A lot of positive, very little criticism of Trickstuff Doppelmoppel in the endurance test carried out by Stephan John from Cross-Portal “”:


  • “The  Doppelmoppel-Cleg combination shows very good modulation for moderate hand pressure.” -    “The braking distances measured with Moots Psychlo-X of approx. 23 meters were roughly 1-2 meters shorter than for the two Bowden cable versions.”
  • “… Modulation: on my test stretch it was possible without any problem to modulate the front brake so finely using comparatively little hand pressure that pressure could be taken off the rear wheel with complete control. The optimum control provided by the Doppelmoppel-Cleg combination was also convincing both on the road and cross-country.”
  • “For my taste, 160 mm at the front and 140 mm at the rear would be completely adequate. If the system were to be used on narrow-tyre racing bikes, I could easily envisage even smaller discs.”
  • Comment from Trickstuff: the combination 160/140 is mounted on our demonstration bikes. In fact the braking power is more than sufficient. In (somewhat unrealistic) extreme tests (repeated full braking actions in fast succession using only the front wheel brakes and braking from 80 km/h to zero) the brakes reach the limit to fading. This danger would be significantly reduced with a solid 180 disc. Of course, this test goes far beyond any normal cycling experience.

    “My conclusion: TRICKSTUFFs Doppelmoppel with Cleg 2 brakes operates extremely well. You don’t need to say any more. It does what it should do and does it very convincingly.”

Doesn`t like:
  • “I’m not so keen on the open construction, as I can imagine that, in extreme cases, small twigs and stones could be flicked up into the mechanism and block the brakes. According to Klaus Liedler, a casing is currently being developed.”
  • “Only a small point, but worth mentioning in view of the price range: a rubber buffer between the front frame and Doppelmoppel is missing …“

Comment from Trickstuff: sufficient distance to the frame can be achieved by slightly bending the mounting plate, which is deliberately designed for this. This eliminates any friction.

Doppelmoppel successful in action at Critical Dirt


On the starting line at the four-day “Critical Dirt” event, right across Germany, was the tour technical editor Jens Klötzer with a wonderful designed Kocmo titanium cross bike. The bike was equipped with parts from Campagnolo (gears), Trickstuff (brakes) and tune (the rest).

Here the key comments:
"...Another highlight is the hydraulic brake system from Trickstuff, controlled by the Campa levers via the accompanying converter called Doppelmoppel. Braking power without end and perfect modulation are a superb reward for this daring design. ..."

Read the original from Jens Klötzer:

Read the complete report here (german)

NG – success right across the line!


Test result for the Trickstuff NG brake pad: „SUPER“. This test result is unequalled by any other disc brake pad. The reason:
First place for braking power
First place narrowly missed for operating costs *

Read the complete report here  (german)

The Trickstuff NG (New Generation), is available for most current brakes, offers everything in one pad.

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