The company

What can we say about us?

The most important thing are the products. But if you want to know who’s responsible for what and why we do what we do, then you’ll find all the answers here.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow

Freiburg, June 2003: Trickstuff is founded. In Freiburg – the city with the highest concentration of professional cyclists. Production of the Trickstuff Performance Pads is soon underway, acknowledged to be one of the best disc brake pads from the start.

Freiburg, June 2009: Klaus Liedler, friend of the original founder for many years, takes over the company. First official act: relocating to new premises in Freiburg at the foot of the legendary trails around the Rosskopf, Schauinsland and Kandel. Here are ideal opportunities for the hardest of product tests and the maximum quality of life for any dedicated cycle sport fan – the right surroundings for unique inventions such as the Trixer, the Exzentriker, the CLEG brakes, the Doppelmoppel and whatever else may come.

Klaus Liedler
+49 (761) 707 41 92

Jahn Herscher

Very young, very clever. Although Jahn Herscher comes from the Ruhr Valley where - as we in the Black Forest believe - no-one knows what biking means, he knows how to bike (and how!) and to bolt things together (and how!). His tender and sensitive little fingers assemble brakes and Doppelmoppel and all the other lovely bits here at Trickstuff - precision-controlled by his smart brains.


    +49 (761) 888 666 39

Lilli Schäfer

Lilli started to work for our company in June 2014. Since that day she smiled her way through our, but especially our customers hearts. She's responsible for the accounting, good mood and the daily business. She speaks English fluently and – huh? – Croatian. So if you want to sweeten your day, call us and hope for Lilli to answer the phone…. AND when you're already on the line, don't be shy to order some brake pads ;)



+49 (761) 888 666 38

Julian Kirmers

Julian has been working for Trickstuff since May 2015. He might be young, but when it comes to the world of biking he is an old hand. He is a certificated retail salesman with some years of working experience in the bike industry. Not only that he’s fast riding his time trial machine, he also speaks English well and is the right person to call if you need any technical advice – and in addition to this he is a very pleasant, well-balanced and reliable contemporary.


   +49 (761) 707 41 92

Frank Fleischhauer

Frank has been working for Trickstuff since September 2015. He is our stock, order, and shipping central in one person. He’s a very intellectual person who, due to his academic background, learned to learn fast and in depth. Being a psychologist he has seen the less comfortable sides of our society and is now enjoying the proximity to our Trickstuff products and to the tricky trails of Black forest.


 +49 (761) 707 41 92



Tom Bölts

Tom Bölts, nephew of the legendary "niekapüttquäldichdusau" Udo Bölts, former professional road biker. Tom carries this big name with grandeur - and with competence! He is responsible for sponsoring, our internet platforms and for documentation of intern production processes. Before Trickstuff he was working in the USA for a renowned wheel set company, where he learned English perfectly.

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